Marriage Equality List

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There is much confusion about which states have what types of same-sex relationship laws.  We’ve compiled the list below to make it a bit easier to understand.  We will continue to update the list as the laws change.

If you have questions about the laws or the impact that they may have on you or your partner,  please contact us or post a comment below.  We really appreciate your feedback!

Allow marriage (listed by date of recognition, notwithstanding stays and/or appeals):Marriage Equality List

  1. New York (learn more)
  2. New Hampshire (learn more)
  3. Vermont (learn more here and here)
  4. Connecticut (learn more)
  5. Iowa (learn more)
  6. Massachusetts (learn more)
  7. Maryland (learn more)
  8. Maine (learn more)
  9. Washington (learn more)
  10. Washington DC (learn more)
  11. Delaware (learn more)
  12. Rhode Island (learn more)
  13. Minnesota (learn more)
  14. California (learn more)
  15. New Jersey (learn more)
  16. Hawaii (learn more and more)
  17. Illinois (learn more)
  18. Utah (learn more)
  19. New Mexico (learn more)
  20. Virginia (learn more)
  21. Texas  (enforcement stayed pending appeal – learn more and more)
  22. Oklahoma
  23. Michigan
  24. Arkansas  (as of May 16, 2014, there is a stay on same-sex marriages pending appeal)
  25. Idaho (enforcement stayed pending appeal – learn more)
  26. Pennsylvania (learn more)
  27. Oregon (learn more)
  28. Wisconsin
  29. Indiana
  30. Colorado (enforcement stayed pending appeal – learn more)
  31. Florida (learn more)
  32. Missouri
  33. Wyoming
  34. Nevada (learn more)
  35. North Carolina
  36. Kansas
  37. Alaska
  38. South Carolina
  39. Montana

Ruling that trial courts have the ability to hear divorce procedings terminating same-sex marriages created in other jurisdictions:

1. Kentucky (learn more)

2. Tennessee (enforcement stayed pending appeal –learn more and more)

3. Ohio (learn more)



5 thoughts on “Marriage Equality List

  1. I am eager to understand and follow the Supreme Court cases slated for summer. I would value your views on them, and your interpretations of the media coverage of the results so I can clearly understand them.

    • Hi Jennifer. Thanks for your suggestion. Actually, the Supreme Court oral arguments in the Prop 8 and DOMA cases are slated for later this week!. Once we have read and digested the Justices’ comments at oral argument, we will be sure to post our thoughts on what those may indicate for the ultimate opinions.

    • Thanks for your comment. We posted a link today to an article that appeared on the Post-Gazette’s website. If you get a second, please check it out.

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