DOMA declared unconstitutional AGAIN

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NY court declares DOMA unconstitutional. Click the link below to read an article that was originally posted on

2 thoughts on “DOMA declared unconstitutional AGAIN

  1. Dennis and Michael,

    We really enjoyed reading your comment and are so happy that we’re able to do our part in educating all Americans–not just those in same-sex relationships–about the harmful, sad, and very real effects of DOMA. Your story is particularly compelling, given the dual difficulties of seeking recognition of a same-sex relationship under the laws of the United States and attempting to remain in the United States on papers that have expired. I will actually be writing a post in the upcoming weeks that discusses DOMA’s effect on same-sex, bi-national couples, so make sure to stop back!

  2. Our Family are suffering the efcfets of DOMA daily. I am a Canadian and My Domestic Partner in Nevada is a Born American Citizen. We have and continue to endure financial hardship due the the fact we are living on One income which is now just above Minimum Wage. I came to America with the proceeds of Selling my home and truck to invest in a home be with the person whom I love. Over the past 2 years we have survived on our combined savings and the money is almost all gone except for the money we have set aside to cover the cost of immigration filings. We lived in Arizona and left months after my arrival to depart from the negative and controversal view regarding Gay People and families like ourselves. As a consequence we had to endure a buyout of our lease even though we would be leaving the state for Nevada 5 months before our lease expired. We loved Arizona but as a family did not feel welcome by the very vocal policies and upon the advice 2 Established law offices. Imagine being told by educated attorneys that the state in which we called home that Arizona was not the best place for us to be in our circumstance. Upon arriving in Nevada we imediately filed for Domestic Partnership the closest thing to a marriage that this state offers. Michael and I have remained committed and unmoved on our love for each other. At anytime we could have chose a much easier route and gone to Canada and got married and be recognized as a family not only friends and family but also by law. Granting full benefits to my spouse would apply as it does to all marriages. But Michael and I chose America it was and is our choice to make I have remained here on a expired visa for the past 2 years without seeing my family of whom I left over 3000 miles away to be with the Man I love and adore. This has and continues to be a high price to pay for our family to be together but family does that for one another. I miss my mom and brothers and sisters coming from a large family that is close has denied us the right to see them. I Have grown to love America but one has to remeber why I am here is for my Spouse,our family. If Michael were in China or Mars we would have found a way to be together. If one day we must leave America the place we call home I will gladly take Michael to Canada as my husband. One paragraph can not replace the daily circumstances that we continue to endure due to Doma. We would like to Thank You for all your work.Love Dennis & Michael

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