Biden “Comfortable” With Gay Marriage

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In an interview on Meet the Press, Vice-President Joe Biden says “he is absolutely comfortable with gay couples having the same rights as heterosexual couples, including marriage.

Click here to read the Time US article published.

2 thoughts on “Biden “Comfortable” With Gay Marriage

  1. There are already gay dvorices taking place in states that have had gay marriage for awhile. But there’s a serious problem: states that don’t acknowledge gay marriage will not do these dvorices. And most if not all states have residency requirements for one to file for divorce. So now, gays who have marriages on the books have serious potential financial problems unless they want to move back to some state that has gay divorce in order to get one. Most people can’t just up and leave where they are without significant hassle and upheaval.

    • Anit, you are correct. While the list of states that will allow a dissolution of a same-sex marriage gets longer, each of these states still does have a residency requirement. Those who marry outside of their home state usually understand this when they marry, however, it still becomes a big burden on at least one of the married partners. First, to locate a state that will allow them to dissolve their marriage and, two, moving themselves to a state in which they have no connection. These couples can try to find jurisdictions that have less of a residency requirement, but the problem is still the same.

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