Buchanan Nontraditional Couples Chair Maureen B. Cohon Discusses Practice with Pittsburgh’s Equal Magazine

Maureen B. Cohon may not have foreseen the high level of interest she has received for the Nontraditional Families & Couples practice she started several years ago, but she jumped at the opportunity to help those seeking legal guidance.

“My clients were amazed, and dismayed, that they have to be proactive if they want their partners to be protected,” Cohon told Equal magazine in an interview published in January 2013.

“I realized that we need to help these couples who are underrepresented. They need to know they need legal help.”

Read the full article – “Laws of the Heart,” (Equal Magazine)

With that in mind, Cohon led the charge to create the Nontraditional Couples and Families Group, a multi-disciplinary practice that focuses specifically on these less represented relationships.

“In 2001, when this practice group began, we asked any lawyer from our firm who was interested to become a member of the new group, and we recenved an enormous turnout,” Cohon explained.

The group meets four to six times a year to review legal developments like the Defense of Marriage Act and Proposition 8.

There were “no letters to the editor,” Cohon said, noting the firm’s support of the practice. “We received a tremendous response from our clients and friends who began calling and wanting advice for their own children and friends.”

“Everyone is touched by this in one way or another.”

Cohon sees a positive future for the legal issues nontraditional couples currently face

“The time is right now. Younger people – there is no question in their minds that gay marriage is a good thing. No one wants to see one group treated lesser than another.”